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Reach soulmate clients with easy quick content.

For business owners who want to turn content into cash, Hayley Janzen is the Content coach who helps your drool-worthy content flow like honey.

Overcome Content Burnout Now

Download the NEW Content Planning Workbook and get access to the latest free masterclasses with Hayley.

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Create content without spending hours and hours and HOURS a day.

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Say “no more” to wasting away the days creating content–or even worse–never getting started because you just KNOW you’ll get distracted and start comparing yourself to competitors.


With my strategies, you’ll not only be able to create content in less time (many of my clients have content ready to go in just one hour per WEEK!!)


BUT, your content will also connect and relate to your soulmate clients long before you have thousands of followers.

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A plan to create Consistent, Converting Content
–that ACTUALLY works!

Is this you?


You’ve heard it again and again: you need to show up consistently.


So you create a posting schedule, brainstorm out your content, and finally think you’re getting on top of things.


But when it’s time to create that content, you waste hours just trying to perfect one line in your script.


Then you go to post something–and see a video of a competitor that did it better.


And the next thing you know, you’ve just spent hours consuming other people’s content–comparing yourself the whole time.


But creating consistent content doesn’t have to feel like it’s eating away at your life.


It can be fun, easy, and take just an hour a week.


Let me show you how.

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Have leads say “I want to throw my credit card at you!”

Have you ever received a message like this?


Well, it happened to me.


(And get ready for it to be you!)


And here’s what I don’t have:


  😳   thousands of followers

  ⏰   hours upon hours a week to spend creating my content

  👩🏻‍💻   a team working endlessly to make sure everything I do is perfect


What I DO have is a method that allows me to show up authentically online and create content that actually results in soulmate clients.


And these soulmate clients believe in your results so much that they’ll want to hurl their credit card right into your payment processor.

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