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Right now, you lack a clear, concise system.



I help Busy Business Owners Create Converting Content

Does this sound like you? You’re…

✨ Super busy running your business and want to speed up your content creation process
✨ Feeling like your content just doesn’t “stick” with the right people
✨ Struggling with showing up consistently–even though you know you should be posting
✨ Feeling total burnout 😓 from all the tasks you need to do
✨ Thinking “No one’s going to look at this anyway” – and you let impostor syndrome win

So let’s fix that.

Once you have the supporting system in place, you have full freedom to show up online while being the busy bee that you are.

My goal is to empower you to create content you and your clients LOVE.

And make it quick and easy, like it should be!


I’m here to help you share your adventurous life.

Life is all about creating adventure–no matter where you are.

If you’re posting to your Instagram story about your business, that’s an adventure.

If you’re creating informative carousels to inspire new clients to work with you, that’s also an adventure.

If you’re writing a blog post that’ll help people at a pivotol point in their career–guess what? Adventure.

Yet so many of us have fears behind posting and creating content.

😢 “It takes too much time.”

😢 “No one’s interested in what I have to post.”

😢 “I don’t have enough followers to get real engagement.”

But all of those are just excuses.

And I’m here to prove them wrong.

So let’s get sharing your adventure.

And let’s make it the easiest thing you do in your business!



Let’s go on an Adventure Together!

Three years ago, during my lunch break at my 9-to-5 job, I was scrolling Instagram.

And came across a picture with the iconic hashtag #vanlife.

My mind started racing.

What would it be like to wake up one morning and think, “hmm, I want to go to Laguna beach 🌴 today”–and then actually go there?

I certainly couldn’t do that.

I was stuck working a desk job–not living a life of freedom and adventure.

At that point, my life, my career, and my education were chosen to be “practical”–not because I actually wanted to live that way.

I had chosen the safe path.

I spent 10,000 hours working as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Even though, as a kid, I thought I’d go into something more exciting, like fashion design, interior design, or even graphic design.

A career where I could be hands-on, working one-on-one with clients, helping them see real results.

So I quit.

I started Hope Charged Media, and now I get to help entrepreneurs like you share your business with unstoppable content.

And over the past few years, I’ve saved up, planned, and bought a camper van.

So now I can live out my #vanlife dreams.

And maybe I can inspire another budding entrepreneur to live the life they’ve always dreamed of…

See you in Laguna beach!

van on the beach.JPG
spending time in van.JPG

Work with me:

Signature Offers

The Content Growth Hub

You’re ready to jump in with creating content.... buuut you need a bit of guidance, community, and feedback.

The Content Growth hub is a month-to-month membership program & community filled with business owners who want to create awesome content.


Hop on our Facebook group, join our live Q&As, and get access to monthly content templates inside of “Contentflix.”

Content Growth Hub Cover.png

The Content Hive

Visually attract soulmate followers & stop letting content drain your time, energy, & piggy bank–with my signature program! Instead, learn how to plan and create content that ENERGIZES YOU! Be empowered to craft aligned, drool-worthy, branded, and unique content that you and your clients love.


Plus, get access to the plug-in and play converting content and story templates–so selling your offers becomes natural, easy, and fun.

Work with Me Directly

One-on-One Content Coaching

Have you tried everything to create consistent content, convert clients with social media, or just start growing an audience online, but with little to no success? Or maybe you feel completely lost with what to post?

If you want fast results and personalized help, one-on-one coaching with Hayley is your fast-track to creating content that engages your dream clients. 
We'll create a content strategy with your exact business and ideal clients in mind–and I'll keep you accountable!

One-on-one Coaching.png

Coaching to Content -
Done with You

Too busy to keep up with creating daily content by yourself? This monthly content design package is the shortcut that'll keep you consistent–without putting in ALL the work.

In this program, you’ll work directly with Hayley in a collaborative partnership–which means you get to be involved in the process & stay super connected to your community!

Coaching To Content.png
hope charged group pic.png


Connect with Like-Minded Creative Entrepreneurs

Trust me, I know it can be frustrating to create content all by yourself.

And the great news is, you don’t have to!

The Hope Charged community has got your back.

It’s a place where ambitious business owners (like you) can bounce ideas off of each other, inspire cool content, gain confidence, and even get more clients.

My goal is to create a space for you to create a digital legacy while saving all that time and energy for things that make you $$$.

So if you’re an ambitious business owner (or even a soon-to-be entrepreneur), click that button and come say hi!

Work With Me
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