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As online business owners, we have a duty 💁‍♀️✨ ✨to give people daily content ✨to provide value consistently ✨to become top of mind ✨to share information ✨to build a legacy ✨to show up and more But how do we do all of THIS... AND SELL?💸 I promise you've never tried this method. Where launch strategy gets extra comfy with your content plan!😉 It's time TO LAUNCH paid CONTENT CONSISTENTLY without burning out. Let me repeat that... WITHOUT BURNING OUT 🙅🏼‍♀️ Leaving old-fashioned bro marketing strategies in the dust!💨 👉 You want a launch strategy that ENERGIZES + MOTIVATES YOU! What you'll learn: – Differences between your content + launch content – Key information on how to launch naturally – Integrate launch content into your current content plan – What makes a successful launch – Top mistakes people make with launching – Make launching easy + enjoyable so that anyone can do it – even busy bees like you! – Never let launching burn you out again + how to stay energized! – Finding energy leaks in your launch process. – Bonus: LIVE Q&A + REPLAY – Bonus: Group Discussion – Bonus: Templates, Action-Worksheets + MORE!! Eeeeee!!! As I write this, I'm getting more + more excited to share this with you.🤩 However, if you're in The Content Hive signature program or Minimind, you're already in this course!


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